Luke & Nora Lukas
7576 Mattson Rd.
Embarrass, MN 55732
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Page Updated:  10/22/14
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Welcome to the Northwoods of Minnesota where evergreen trees and snow dominate the scene.  That is why we call our
ponies "Snowmane Ponies" as they wear snow more here than anywhere else in the USA.

The main focus of our breeding ponies is to produce trainable ponies that will become either a child's mount or an asset
to the breeding programs of other pony breeders.

We are as interested in breeding mid-size (12 to 13 hands) ponies as we are in breeding beautiful Shetland ponies.  Check
out our mare page to meet these ponies, too.

Our future plans include attending pony shows and regional fairs, and more training of these wonderful animals.

But what these ponies do every day is be loveable ponies and horses, reminding us constantly that God, who created
these animals, loves us.

Here you will also find our Tack Shop with horse supplies, saddles, bridles, stable blankets and of course, pony size tack!

The Black Birch refers to the black birch tree that was saved when a serious forest fire threatened our 40 acres the first
year we were here.  God intervened and miraculously put out the fire and saved the forest and our new home.  We are
forever grateful to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Thank you very much, Lord!
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