Elnora Shandy
Sterling, Colorado
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Welcome to Eagle Quest Farm, the home of
"Eagle Quest" Morgan Horses!  

Our farm logo is “When you Quest for the best!”

Here at Eagle Quest we pride ourselves in raising
quality, tradition style Morgan. Our main focus is
on producing individuals with excellent
dispositions as we feel that even the most
beautiful horse is useless if it’s difficult to handle.
As you will note on our site, most of our breeding
stock is broke to ride and doubles as our trail
mounts. We believe in using our own stock. If we
won’t ride them we wouldn’t expect you to either.
We are a family run farm and if you visit you will usually see us working around the horses (stallion included)
with our toddler at our heels and our baby in a stroller! Besides disposition we also strive for sound
traditional style Morgans. While we are not bloodline purists it does seem as if the horses that fit our needs
tend to have a healthy dose of old Government and Western Working bloodlines. We also really enjoy a
pretty, flashy mount so usually have exotic colors such as flaxen, sabino, pinto, and palomino in our herd. If
your going to ride you might as well do it on a looker!

Our 14 acre farm is located just outside of Sterling Colorado, approximately 90 minutes from Denver, Fort
Collins, and Greeley. We welcome visitors year round.